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Your engine runs by burning a mixture of gasoline and air. After burning the fuel mixture, the gases pass through your exhaust system to be chemically changed into a more "environmentally friendly" gas. Although there are other symptoms, a loud "rumbling" noise is one of the most apparent sign of an exhaust system in need…
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Brakes are a most important part of your vehicle. Brake systems are more complicated than ever now and due to their safety factor, require trained technicians to work on them. If you are having any brake problems at all, be sure to schedule an appointment to have your brakes inspected. We will check them thoroughly.
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We do a variety of services on transmissions. A transmission has fluid in it that breaks down and needs to be changed at certain mileage intervals. We also change clutches, transmission filters, or even an entire transmission.
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Engine Repair

Even well maintained cars can have engine problems. They vary from minor leaks all the way up to damaged engines beyond repair. Unfortunately, these repairs never come at a convenient time. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection by an ASE Certified Technician if you think you need some of these services. Often times, what…
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